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Alice Through The Looking Glass

Alice Through The Looking Glass

First of all, I have to say that this movie has as much to do with the book as the title and a mirror. Just as the first movie had very little to do with the original book other than the title and character names. As long as you can accept that, you will really enjoy the movie.

We see the start of the film with Alice as Captain of the Wonder, exploring the seas before returning home after some years with her cargo. The company wants to remove her as captain and leave her working as a clerk in the firm. It is unseemly to have a woman on a ship, also bad luck if you believe the old pirate tales. As Alice’s mother has sold the deeds to their home to pay bills, the company is trying to make Alice sign over her father’s ship to buy back the house.

Alice after attempting to fix the matter ends up walking off. Following a very old friend, when she finds a talking butterfly that flies straight through a mirror in one of the upper rooms. Leading her back to her beloved wonderland, escaping the others following her in the real world.

She discovers that the Hatter is sick, dying. The wonder-landers do not know how to help him. Since he discovered a little hat he had made as a child that has survived the terrible attack he thought had killed his whole family. He has become obsessed that his family must have escaped as well. Wanting to find them, not believing when anyone tells him they are dead. Alice tries to explain it gently to him, but he doesn’t believe that she is the real Alice. The real one would believe him!

This leaves Alice on a crazy hunt across time to try and change the past to save the hatter’s family or just to discover what has happened to him. Trying to save his sanity by making the delusion that is killing him reality. To bring his family back to him whatever the costs. Stealing the heart of the time clock, not realizing that her actions could destroy all of time and wonderland.

My only huge problem with this movie was the fact that Alice was being allowed to do many things that a woman of the era would not have been. Such as being a captain, talking back to men, dressing as one and so on. However, that was resolved a third of the way through when she was put in a mental hospital, for womanly hysterics. Which unluckily yes, it was what they did to any woman with Spirit in those times. I think covering that was good for young women of our generation to see. So they understand that they are extremely lucky to have the freedom they do now! That is something I teach every single day in my day job to school kids.

As always there is an all-star cast, flashy effects, and great scripted lines. I love the little seconds becoming minutes, then into hours. So perfectly worked out! My only issue is the ending was a little too touchy feely. It seemed a very long film just to bring two sisters to forgive each other.

7/10 stars