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Adam Lambert is Eddie!

Rocky Horror on Fox

Finally we have the transformation we have been waiting for: Mr Adam Lambert as Eddie. After months of them being cagy about showing any hint of what he looked like on set. FOX do like to tease the glamberts!

Not only this week has the transformation picture of Adam/Eddie appeared, but also another much fuller trailer showing five of the top songs from the show. Although I am still nervous of how FOX will cover this badly cast show, I have to say the trailer has left me gaining in excitement for it. If you ignore the casting of several members, you have to admit that Columbia looks amazing. A great mix of the bright colours she is known for, with a tough edge rocker look. Riff Raff also looks very impressive, the accent maybe not so much, but there is a little young Richard O’Brien about him. I also love the fact it looks like we have the 'audience' watching the 'movie' of Rocky in a cinema.

The snippet of Time Warp looks like the full on dance number I would expect, impressive with the costumes. I just hope it isn’t as overly staged as the Grease Live I just suffered through a few days ago. Because that would ruin all the impressive work they have done trying to pull back public interest.

Most impressive (as I am sure most glamberts expected) is Adam as Eddie. The outfit/wig and side burns are very close to Meatloaf’s original movie version of Eddie with just a slight twist of Lambert magic. From the look of the clips he will also be riding the motor bike in the show. I’m not quite sure what he is doing singing with Frank, but I can wait to see that. The tiny amount of vocals we can hear from him, have me hungry for the full version.

Even if the show is terrible, at least we have new cover music from Adam.

Sarah Beth James