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Adam Lambert has a Girl Crush

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Adam Lambert breezed into Nashville last night, after being asked to cover 'Girl Crush' with Leona Lewis during the CMT Artists of the Year Awards 2015. Looking smart in a well cut suit as he made his way up the red carpet. Knowing country isn't his favourite blend of music, it was hard to know what to expect. Even during country week on American Idol, he put his own special twist on the classic Mr Cash song 'Ring of Fire'. Featuring heavily on a sticky beat, with sitar in the back ground. Leaving his poor mentor not knowing what to make of the arrangement or his nail varnish.

Leona Lewis won Xfactor in 2006, over the last eight years she has sold 20 million records worldwide. As well as eight top five singles, the first female British solo artist to do so. Starring in the 2014 film Walking on Sunshine as Elena. She has won 1 Bambi award, 5 MTV Europe music awards, 1 MTV Video award and three World music awards.

Girl Crush is a song, released in 2014 by a band called Little Big Town. Written about a girl obsessing over her ex's new girlfriend. Wanting to be her, to try anything to get her ex back. Hence talking about wanting to wear her perfume, and look more like her so she is loved again. Members of the band were in the audience watching the performance, looking most pleased with the new arrangement.

From the moment Adam came forward on stage to start the song, he commanded the stage. Making the song true to himself, with stripped back vocals. Supported perfectly by the backing singers. He was clearly enjoying the experience, and the challenge of a different vocal style. Perhaps we will see a few more country songs in his future. Every time Adam is given a new challenge he always not only rises to it, but excels. Leona was equally as into the song, her soulful deeper notes melding in with his to create a deep rich vocal line. Already leading hundreds of requests on twitter for this duet to be released as a single.

Sarah Beth James