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Adam Lambert Blew Us Away In Manchester (With lawson)

I’d already decided when I bought the concert tickets back at pre order, that London would be the show I reported on and Manchester would just be the day I sat and enjoyed as a fan. However it was such a positive experience I feel that I really have to share both with you all.

It all started for me at 9.45am when I joined the general admission standing queue. Pleased to find myself at number 25 considering that people had started queuing at 5.30 am!! Huge thank you shout out to Ann Stevens and her friends for getting there so early to start the numbering system so we could wander off and come back as we wanted. Otherwise standing there all the cold all day til 7pm would have been unbearable! I soon found myself in a small gang of glamberts I had never met before but were so welcoming (huge shout outs to the lady who mothered us all keeping us warm. To Alex Rose, Lana, Emily and Bintone my ‘squad’ of the night). Everyone was so friendly, sharing pizza, drinks, doughnuts, sweets and cookies. Playing Adam and QAL songs as battery power allowed on hand held devices. Sharing folding chairs, cushions and blankets with those who had none.

Without my gals around me I’d never have survived standing. I hate enclosed spaces, starting to panic when we finally got inside at the crush of people around me. Thank you also to the lovely glambert who gave me dextrose tablets when I felt faint from the heat in there. It was wonderful to see the kind loving side of the fan verse. Instead of the harsher side often seen on social networking sites. It was the sheer bodies epitome of Adam’s "No matter how old you are, no matter who you sleep with, no matter what color your skin is, we can all party together." And party hard we certainly all did!

After a DJ set again which seemed remarkably short with talking to all those around me. The incredible Lawson hit centre stage. Being just five rows from the front. We had an amazing view of the stage. Lawson again gave their everything on stage even with the fact it was such a short set. Gushing over Adam’s vocals, as last time calling him ‘the world’s greater performer’. As London there was a lot of hate around me for the band. Respect people! Seriously! Don’t be hating because they get to share a stage with Adam and you don’t! However I am very pleased to say that they gained a much better reception then London overall. Not only were there a group of people who came only because of Lawson who had no idea who Adam was. Clearly glamily had been on YouTube learning songs in between shows as many more voices were joining in singing along. They also gained a huge cheer after the set.

The second Dj set seemed cripplingly long while water was handed out to those of us who couldn’t reach the bar. I think that was mostly to do with the fact several members near the front had to be removed for either drunkenness or feeling faint. I understand a fight broke out at the back of the room which I am very glad to say I missed. I wish they would only serve soft drinks at these events. It would be much safer for all those involved!

Adam finally got to the stage around 9.20pm. Very greatfully received by those of us who had been queuing 12 hours or more. Blasting through the same set list as London. The smaller, more intimate venue clearly boosted Adam’s performing as he was far sexier, more flirtatious with the crowd. Even before the tequila in the third act of the show. I remember Adam saying once in an interview he really only sees about the first six rows of a concert. Those he could see he certainly worked well! Taking the time to make solid eye contact with each and every member for at least one line of a song. Chatting, flirting. Making sure everyone there felt extra special. Thanking the audience for his second sold out show (it is sold out right? Peers to the back of the room. It looks pretty sold out!). A total gentleman the whole time.

Doing a call and response sing a long with the audience which I don’t remember having in London, but I may just have been too caught up in the show to remember. Love when he staggered back saying (the audience) ‘had blown him away’. Shortly followed by ‘I like when you blow me.’

Two talk sections this time, we were very spoiled. I enjoyed his soapbox speech about equality. Not letting all the new boxes and labels define and separate us. Just to think of ourselves as human, with a heart, who just wants love and acceptance. I couldn’t agree more, I actually turned down a commission to work for a bisexual website a few months ago for that reason. They were Bi agenda this, Bi eraser that every other line. Slagging off the L G and T of LGBT constantly, wanting to remove the B and stand alone. Yeah that’s so not gonna work guys! The more we fight among ourselves, the worse we make our society. If I used all my ‘labels’ I would suddenly be a pagan white cis gendered straight bisexual woman, if not more. WTF! I would much rather be ME! It’s wonderful to see Adam still using his platform of fame to try and change the world into a better place for all of us. Making people really think about their situation in life.

From seeing both concerts I find myself having a complete different view point now on a number of songs from The Original High album.

Lucy I always loved, but fell deeper at the way they used Holly strutting the stage. Dancing as if she was Lucy. Bringing a whole new dimension to the piece.

These Boys was never a favorite of mine, it was a little to pop for my tastes. Yet the live version gives me chills.

Another Lonely Night is fantastic live, but sorry Adam it still sounds like a moo. However many times you tell us it’s a yeah with the base turned down.

The only song which really turned me off live was The Light. I like the song on the album, but live it just felt a little flat, cold. Even with the great light show they built around it.

Adam clearly enjoyed the night, lingering on the stage talking, and expanding songs with extra vocal gymnastics. To the point at 10.55pm he had someone screaming down his ear piece at him that the venue had a curfew and he was about to get kicked off stage. To which he replied in perfect Adam style ‘Fuck you, we gotta finish!’.

As much as I loved London and didn’t think he could get any better then that. Manchester was so much more amazing in every single way. I have never seen such a stunning concert in all my life!

Long live Adam Lambert’s amazing music career!

Sarah Beth James