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Adam Lambert and Tritonal are Broken

Long awaited was this co-ab from these two. Teased for months as the clubs got to hear the full track long before the glamberts did.

But when it hit, it really hit!

We were left wondering how Adam's creamy vocals would work with EDM, I don't think anyone expected the mass hit that appeared. Over the years Adam has documented his past loves and life in his music. Bringing his raw emotions to the stage over and over again. Ripping his heart out every night in the spotlight to entertain us. This track is no different. Talking about how he had been living an unhappy life until he met someone who made him forget that his heart was ever broken

The piece a masterful love story, with a deep beat which compliments the vocals perfectly. Along with a technicolour offical music video, covered with butterflies and hope. Showing the deep transformation the person has come through during his loves.

It is wonderful to see Adam so full of hope in his new music, paving the way for young people to be inspired by his journey.

You can watch the video below

The track can be purchased on itunes

Sarah Beth James