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Adam Lambert and Saara Aalto tear up the X Factor stage!

Many rumours have been circulating for the last few weeks about would Saara really gain a duet with Adam Lambert on the finale of the UK version of the talent show. Rumours also swirled that Queen may also perform the song with both of them, subject to Dr Brian May's health. Even with Adam coming over to London for the weekend, his tweet showing how excited he was to perform with Saara on X Factor was very swiftly deleted. Leaving the fan verse unsure as to what would actually happen, even with Adam's supportive tweets during her X Factor experiences.

Saara launched into a soulful slow piano version of Bo Rap in a killer rocker/goth outfit, exploring the high notes in her own unique version of the song before Adam came out to join her, standing on top of the piano to sing as she continued to play. With his own special brand of styling, they both looked like the perfect rock star act. Saara joined him dancing away up there, leaving me thinking of Mel B's comment that Amalia's piano version of Angel's was boring and Adam's sassy 'Well I did think her tap dancing on the piano was a little much!'. I do wonder if that was intentional or not at linking both X Factor's. A performance that had even Dr May tweeting how fantastic he thought it was.

You can see the official X Factor video of the performance below.

Sarah Beth James