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Achievement Lovers - Here's a Game with 4,096 of Them

So I was reading through Kotaku when I came across a game called 'Running Through Russia' that apparently has 4,096 achievements. I decided to look into this myself and discovered on Steam that this is indeed true. According to the developer on the site, it was released two days ago. And here's a write-up of it:

Running Through Russia - a humorous game about typical russian man that will help you to dive into Russian life! Run as fast as you can to collect as much vodka as possible! Don't forget to avoid bears and other enemies!

Now.... I love achievements and trophies as much as the next gaming guy or gal, but even my personal OCD has its limits. And I am not talking about the amount of achievements, but rather how the game looks from the trailer alone.

They say you should not judge a book by its cover, so I will let you look and decide. Look at the bottom right corner to see all the achievements pop up as this gamer played through it.

That's just crazy, but fun to watch. Let us know if you obtain this game and what you're experience was.

Shaun M Jooste

Author of Celenic Earth Chronicles and Silent Hill: Betrayal

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