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"A Flood of Lin Manuel-Mirandas'" - Scream Queens S02E04 Power Rankings

Denise and Chanel


Oooh boy, this one is a doozy.

Fresh off the back of Chad Radwell's death last week, we're forced to deal with a whole bunch of new patients, some more murder, and a new suspect.

Plus Lea Michele dressed as Ivanka Trump - which, admittedly, was pretty funny.

In tonight's episode, it becomes apparent that Chad is actually dead. Or, very good at playing dead. This is disappointing, since he is one of my favourites.

Chanel blames Chanel #5 for the deaths at the hospital, although it is very obvious that she didn't actually do them.

Dean Munsch and Denise go to Hester, who is still locked up in the basement, to find out who the killer is. Hester won't tell them unless she is let out. They disagree. Hester suggests that the hospital throws a Halloween party to draw the killer out of hiding. Denise strikes a deal with Hestor in exchange for more information about the killer, which she doesn't actually give.

We jump over to the hospital's Halloween party, where a whole group of Hamilton cosplayers have come down with a vomiting bug. Dr Brock thinks that is is one thing, Zayday thinks that it is another. Zayday turns out to be right, but it is just a ruse, as the cosplayers were poisoned to keep the hospital's staff off the scent of the Green Meanie.

Chanel and Denise conduct a seance to ask Chad who killed him. Chad talks through Denise and is about to tell Chanel who the killer is, but they're interrupted.

Hester, now dressed in her Ivanka Trump costume (and it looks like something out of The Purge) watches as the Green Meanie stabs Chanel #5 in the back. (Literally).

The Green Meanie then electrocutes Denise as she is coming to Chanel #5's aid.

In all, it was one hell of an exciting episode.

Onto the Power Rankings!!!

(Please note, I wrote this list a couple of days ago and I cannot remember why I put anything in the places I did. Oops. And also, we're essentially photo-free this week as this is super late.)


Jamie Lee Curtis

As we watch Dean Munsch slowly lose control of her sanity (re: Don't get kuru, it is a BAD disease), she still manages to be one of the only capable people in the entire darn hospital.

Despite the fact that she isn't actually a doctor, she takes control of the situation when the hospital gets an influx of people dressed as characters from Hamilton.

Plus, we discover that she's sleeping with Dr Brock. Fair enough, girl, he's a hot dude.

I like her. She might be fairly fiendish and definitely hiding some things, but I do like her. I hope she doesn't die.


Ah, Zayday.

Honestly, I feel for you. You're the only human in a sea of maniacs at this hospital, and I bet that sucks.

This week, she saved the lives of a bunch of Hamilton cosplayers. Pretty decent innings, if I do say so myself.


A new entry to the Rankings, Denise is the hard-hitting FBI agent who is trying to stop the murders.

Or, at least she was.

Considering she was electrocuted by the Green Meanie, I doubt she'll be coming back. That's a shame, because despite the fact that she constantly blamed Zayday for everything, she was a decent human. RIP.

In this episode, she and Chanel held a seance to try and contact Chad to find out who murdered him. They did manage to contact him, but they were interrupted before they could find out. Sigh. I guess we'll never know.

4. CHANEL #5

Oh my poor, poor honey. I feel for this girl so much.

So, with a rash decision to dress up as Ivanka Trump for Halloween this week, Chanel #5 got blamed for attempted murder (although the murderer was dressed as Ivanka, it was Hestor in the costume instead).

However, we learn that it wasn't her, when she literally gets stabbed in the back (INCREDIBLY POETICALLY) by the Green Meanie. The Green Meanie doesn't try to kill Hestor, who is there as well, which suggests that the pair might be working together.

I think she's going to survive, but still.


Let's be real, she's only on this list because I felt sorry for her fiance dying(??). She's a terrible person and I cannot stand her, but she doesn't deserve to have someone so close to her die.

Oh, plus, she also got dyed blue this week by bad medicine from Dr Brock. Lol.


Yeah, this girl is terrible. She's rude, violent, and literally a murderer.

However, she's acted so well. As someone who is more used to seeing Lea Michele in lighter roles, this is a change of pace. I love it.

I hope she keeps it up.


Well, at least someone is capable. He might be a bit creepy - and still definitely trying to hook up with Chanel - but he's a capable doctor.

Plus, he also doesn't seem to be able to resist the charms of one Dean Munsch. I feel ya, Holt, I feel ya.

At least that pairing is less weird.


Oh, Chad.

I mean, you were the worst of people, but at least you were honest about it.

I appreciated his cameo this week, when he showed up in the body of Denise - and even wore her fetching gown and fur scarf.

No-one can say that that boy ain't got style.

And that's it for the Power Rankings!

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