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A first look at Belle: Beauty and the Beast 2017

For months we have been hearing rumours about the new live action very of Beauty and the Beast that Disney are creating for next year. I (like most people) had my reservations about the whole project. Knowing how many bad reboots and reinventions of classic creations have come out lately. Fox's Grease Live and Lets Do The Time Warp again as case and point. Beauty and the Beast is so much a part of our childhood that we do not want to see it ruining.

Belle is the classic Disney princess, the one person every little girl wanted to be. The nerdy bookish one, that makes good that so many of us can identify with. Hardly a surprise Emma Watson was picked for the role after all those years as Hermione Granger, the nerdy bookish girl. Now she is grown up, Emma is making sure she is known for far more then just being that girl from Harry Potter. Making waves in women's rights, as well as appearing in new films. Stretching her acting talents as well as looking breathtakingly beautiful.

The teaser trailer that came out in July certainly peeked my interest as it is a visually stunning version of the castle. However it left very little idea of how Belle would come to be. You can see the trailer below.

Thankfully today, we have been gifted our first look at Emma as Belle. I have to say I am impressed!

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Looking forward to the production