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A female Doctor we can all get behind: The Doctor's daughter returns!

After days of the fan verse falling apart over the casting of the new Doctoress, which has even got members of Pulse in a heated discussion. We have been gifted a wonderful little gem this morning.

Remember Jenny?

The Doctor's Daughter, born of War. When David Tennant's regeneration had his DNA taken giving birth to a fully grown young woman. As Donna and he tried to convince her to be someone more than just a soldier. Just the war.

At the end of the episode, Jenny died. The Doctor sat waiting for her to regenerate, praying she had enough of him to survive. After a day, he gave up and left in the TARDIS. Little did he know, soon after Jenny returned to life. Stealing a space ship and going off to explore the universe.

Jenny (Georgia Moffett) has been confirmed today, to be appearing in a series of spin off audio books. Starring with a male companion, voiced by Sean Biggerstaff.

Now, how about Jenny returns in the tv series as well!

Good luck to Georgia and Sean as they go off for their own adventures in time and space!