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A Dream Come True: Adam Lambert is an Xfactor Judge

After all these years of expressing interest every single chance Mr Lambert had to try and become a Judge on American Idol finally he gets his chance as X Factor OZ have invited him to join this years judging panel. Rumours have been flying around all week to whom the final judge would be joining Iggy Azalea and Guy Sebastian. Several times it was reported as confirmed Adam was joining the team before being taken back. Clearly the negotiations for time constraints were still going on.

However today on Mr Lambert’s official twitter and face book pages as well as via press party Adam has confirmed himself as appearing. Talking of how excited he is to join the team as well as how much he loves the friendly Aussie people.

Since coming second place on American Idol in 2009, Adam has always maintained a very close relationship with the show. Coming back every season to mentor, perform or send messages of support to the contestants. Such as with his good friend Alison Porter. Guest judging back last year, was the closest he had come to date. Speaking in interviews of his sadness that due to commitments he could not be on the final show.

Adam is certainly on fire since his release of The Original High in 2015. Touring with Queen, solo tour, Rocky Horror Picture Show reboot, more Queen dates in negotiations for this winter and now X Factor as well! He certainly deserves this fantastic pay back for all his patience and hard work since changing record companies. Seems that every time someone or some company tells him no, it just makes him that little bit more determined to prove them completely wrong! I bet RCA are now kicking themselves for losing his amazing talent!

More details to follow as they are confirmed.

Sarah Beth James